tattoo Removal with Eclipse Tr

What seemed like a good idea once, now just beckons to be gone. Our system, the Eclipse Reverse, works without a laser, treatments are shorter, more comfortable than laser and less visits are required to rid yourself of unwanted ink.


How Does it Work?

The Eclipse Reverse is a tattoo removal device that utilizes a technique called Trans-Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR) to permanently remove tattoo ink. The system relies on the delivery of a proprietary ink coagulant (hydroxyproprionic acid) via a multi-needle head to a specified depth into the tattooed skin.  The coagulant breaks down the ink, causing it to rise to the surface of skin.  As the treated area scabs and heals, the ink leaves the body when the scab falls off. 


good to know!

The Eclipse Reverse system is superior to traditional laser tattoo removal because the ink leaves the body.  Traditional laser tattoo removal targets the color of ink and blasts it, the blasted ink is picked up by our bodies transporters called "macrophages" who carry it through to our lymph nodes where it stalls.  The ink does not leave your body.   With the Eclipse Reverse tattoo removal system the ink is gone for good


The Eclipse Reverse Tattoo Removal treatment is nearly 50% less expensive than laser tattoo removal.  And, treatment sessions are shorter and less sessions are required to remove the tattoo.

  • Targets all ages, colors, styles of tattoos
  • Ink broken down and expelled by body naturally
  • Decreased risk compared to other tattoo removal methods
  • Several small tattoos treated at same time


"This is what my tattoo looked like after the scabs from my second treatment fell off... and the treatment felt about the same as when I had the tattoo applied.”

Does your tattoo no longer fit your lifestyle?