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After Care

Procedure Overview:

Depending on the individuals care and reaction to the process, it can take anywhere from 14 to 21 days for the initial scabs to come off and you will see fresh new skin. The start of the healing process begins immediately after the procedure is finished and lasts anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year.

Post Procedure:

  • A clean bandage should remain on the treated area for a minimum of 12 hours, and up to 24 hours before being removed

  • AVOID ALL SOAPS + CHEMICALS for at least 48 hours

  • Rinse gently with warm water and clean hands, and gently dab dry with clean gauze, taking care not to disturb the scab.

  • Expect the area to feel sore and look red for the first few days.

  • The treated area will form small scabs, which will drop off after 14-21 days.

As the scab's form, the treated area may begin to itch. This is a histamine reaction in the body; you can use a very small amount of hydrocortisone cream, or Benadryl ointment to reduce itching and any dryness you may experience. Once your scabs have fallen off, immediately begin using a silicone anti-scar treatment (ScarAway or New Gel+) twice daily. All products may be found at your local drugstore or online at:

AFTERCARE OF THE SKIN IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE AND MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY TO ENSURE THE PIGMENTS ARE PROPERLY EXPELLED AND THE AREA HEALS PROPERLY. It will take some time for the skin to fully regain its normal pigment and to accept a tan. In the mean time you will have to look after your skin sensibly and follow the advice given by your technician.

THE TREATED AREA SHOULD HEAL IN 8 WEEKS. It may take months for it to completely be restored to your natural skin tone. If you have any signs or symptoms develop such as: extreme redness at the site, green/yellow discharge (foul smelling), and/or fever; Contact your technician and/or physician. Some redness around the area is normal, especially if covered with clothing. Should you have any questions or problems please call us immediately.


Symptoms of infection may include fever, swelling, redness, or drainage. If you have any of these symptoms you should consult with a licensed medical provider

DO Change the linens/sheets on your bed frequently if you have animals.

DO wear loose clothing around the treatment area (repeated rubbing or friction will irritate your tattoo, it can cause some redness and swelling.

DO stay hydrated, drinking lots water.

DO call your technician with any concerns.

DO NOT over saturate with ointment. 

DO NOT let household pets come in contact with the area.

DO NOT expose to direct sunlight for 14 days. When the area has healed fully, use a total sun block product to prevent incorrect pigmentation of the treated skin.

DO NOT pull off clothing if it is stuck to the treated are. Wet the offending article of clothing and slowly slide off the area.

DO NOT submerge treated area in water. NO Jacuzzi, bathtubs or pools. Wait at least until all scabs are completely gone. 

DO NOT lay on gym mats etc.

DO NOT shave the treated area until all scabs are gone.

DO NOT RUB, PICK or SCRATCH at the epithelial crust or scab. Correct formation of the scab is critical to the success of the removal process. The scab should be allowed to flake off on its own.
There should be absolutely no scrubbing of the area or use of cleansing creams or chemicals.