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Estimated cost Per Session

$125 per session

(Extra small area- Size of a stamp

$160 per session

(small area- size of a credit card)

$270 per session

(Medium area- size of a passport)

$350 per session

(large area- 8”x8” area)

$25 Consultation

(fee will go towards your first Tattoo Removal appointment)

Not sure? Text -A- tattoo

Text us a photo of your tattoo + we will text you back a quote 406|404-6164


Complimentary Tattoo Removal

We are proud to offer complimentary tattoo removal of radiation marker tattoos for all cancer survivors. These small markings, which are used as a guide for the technician during treatment, can have a very big impact on day-to-day life for a cancer survivor. Treatment takes only a few minutes and may require as few as only one or two sessions. 

Discounted tattoo removal Services

We offer a 10% discount to all military personnel + all gang affiliated tattoos.